Atlanta-based, I specialize in web content, blogging, print journalism, and ghostwriting.


Welcome! I’m Zawn Villines, an Atlanta writer specializing in legal and mental health web content and print journalism. My work covers a wide array of topics. Those include fashion, pets, health, parenting, news, politics, science, education, and much more.

You can find my work in dozens of local and national publications, as well as on numerous websites. I regularly ghostwrite content for busy professionals, and edit other writers’ work to make it publication-ready.

To learn more about me, check out my About page. Curious about what I can offer you? Learn more here. Want to learn more about hiring a freelance writer? My FAQ section has you covered. You can view some of my work by visiting my Portfolio.

Eager to hear my thoughts on the art and business of freelance writing? My blog covers everything from how to be a great client to how to more effectively manage your writing business. You’ll also find lots of tips for improving your writing or become a writer yourself.

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Recent Posts

How to Set Clear Boundaries as a Freelance Writer

Oct 19, 2016


Sooner or later, it happens to every writer: the client who wants more than what you promised or intended. Boundary violations range from minor annoyances such as emails over the weekend to major intrusions. I recently received a string of texts from a client in the middle of the night. I was in labor giving birth to my child, and had been on maternity leave for two weeks.


What to Do When Your Freelance Clients Won’t Pay

Feb 27, 2015

It’s every freelance writer’s worst nightmare. You’ve submitted the work after slaving away over every detail. Now the client has disappeared or is flat-out refusing to pay. Many clients fail to understand that writing is a premium service, not something just any random fool can do. Continues…

10 Things Freelance Writers Are Sick of Hearing

Feb 21, 2015

Writing is not like other jobs. The Internet has made it easy for just about anyone to call herself a writer, with many people mistakenly believing that writing is easy, a recipe for riches, or a quick ticket to fame Continues…