I’ve done everything from blogging for novice bloggers to writing in-depth pieces for high-circulation publications. I specialize in lifestyle, health, and legal topics, but have covered just about every topic imaginable. To see some of my recent work, check out my portfolio.

Maybe you’re at the top of your field, but hate writing. Perhaps you’re too busy to submit a magazine or journal article. I’ve helped clients of all backgrounds turn their knowledge into credible, compelling pieces that get published and get noticed. My ghostwritten pieces have appeared in high-circulation publications such as The New York Times, in myriad academic journals, and on dozens of personal websites and blogs.

It’s tough to ask someone else to write something on your behalf. I only write about topics with which I am familiar. When you work with me, you work with a well-read and skilled professional who turns your knowledge into something compelling.

I’ll learn as much as I can about your field and your work, then put together a piece you can’t wait to publish. Rather than drowning out your voice with my own, I’ll preserve your unique style. The finished piece will read like something you wrote, but better.