I’ve done everything from blogging for novice bloggers to writing in-depth pieces for high-circulation publications. I specialize in lifestyle, health, and legal topics, but have covered just about every topic imaginable. To see some of my recent work, check out my portfolio.

Think journalism is only about reporting the news? Think again. The web means it’s no longer high-circulation magazines that require first-rate journalists.

If you’re starting a new website or expanding the reach of your blog, I can help drive traffic to your site by crafting pieces people actually want to read. Marketing content now also demands a journalistic touch. Doctors, therapists, and other professionals can stand out with branded educational content.

I love investigative and expository pieces, and can write in a wide variety of styles. Whether you need quick work for the web or long-form print pieces, I work with you to craft the perfect article. I’m an expert interviewer. I dig beneath the surface to get substantive answers. I listen with a skeptical ear, and go where the story takes me.

I read voraciously and widely. I have a massive personal library, and access to numerous academic journals.

No matter what topic you choose or where the piece is published, you can count on an impeccably researched, beautifully written, and flawlessly accurate piece.