I’ve done everything from blogging for novice bloggers to writing in-depth pieces for high-circulation publications. I specialize in lifestyle, health, and legal topics, but have covered just about every topic imaginable. To see some of my recent work, check out my portfolio.

You don’t have to own a magazine or write academic works to hire a writer. If your business publishes newsletters or uses form emails, you need a writer who can make your content shine.

No one likes reading ads. I can help you craft subtle pieces that sell your product without annoying or alienating your readers. Good sales writing captures the reader’s attention and presents your product as a solution to the reader’s problems. Let me help you take boring marketing copy to the next level.

If you need to drive traffic to your website, throwing a few keywords on the page is no longer sufficient. I can draft compelling content that seamlessly incorporates keywords without being boring, repetitive, or spammy. Google rewards businesses that offer real value to web searchers, and I can help you achieve this lofty goal.