Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that’s not answered here? Just send me an email.

If you're in a rush, I'm your writer. I write extremely quickly. As a kid, I always sat at my desk for 10 minutes after finishing a test, embarrassed by how quickly I finished. In my professional life, though, this has turned into a valuable skill. For rush jobs, I frequently offer 24-hour turnaround times. With enough information from you, I may be able to get you your project even more quickly than this. I reserve the right to charge a premium for rush jobs.

Hiring me isn't a long or complicated process. Just send me an email with some information about your project and your deadline. If you're on a tight deadline, please note this in the email. Once we agree to terms and payment, I'll get to work right away. In most cases, I'll have you sign a simple, jargon-free contract that protects both of our interests. I'll send you updates on the project as it progresses, and if you're a new client, I'll send you a preview to ensure that I have the tone and style exactly right.

My rates are competitive, but depend on the specific project. Like everyone, I have to make money, but I understand that my clients have a wide variety of economic circumstances, and I'll work with you to find something we can both live with. Short pieces that require little research are generally less costly. Clear information about the nature of your project can also save you cash because it means your project will be less time-consuming. I never change pricing mid-project, and always stay within project budgets. I also write extremely quickly, which means I can afford to charge a little less on most projects. This also means that I prefer fixed-rate fees to hourly work. Consequently, you'll know the exact price of the project.

I never let a client walk away unsatisfied. My job is to give you exactly what you want, not what I think you should have! Edits are part of the writing process, so I plan edits into my schedule and budget. When you receive a draft of my work, feel free to let me know if there are any changes you'd like me to make.

If you're anxious about losing money, I strongly encourage you to pay via paypal or credit card. With these payment methods, you're able to dispute payment if you're unhappy with my work. I have never had a dispute with a client, and I strive to ensure each client is thrilled with my work. Knowing that you have these options, however, can provide some peace of mind. I use contracts to protect both sides, and your contract is your insurance against my disappearance!

I accept payment via check, credit card, and paypal. I also have access to an escrow service. With escrow, you'll place your money into a safe account, and release funds only when you're satisfied with the project. This offers us both complete financial security. If we've never worked together before or if your project is particularly large and costly, I may require you to use escrow or make a deposit; you can decide which works best for you.

As a general rule, the more information you can provide me, the more likely it is that you'll get exactly what you want. At the very least, I'll need to know the following:
* The project's timetable. If you need an article by a specific date, be sure to let me know.
* Where the work will be published. This gives me an idea of the voice and style you need.
* How long you want the piece to be, and any specific information -- such as keywords or important facts -- it must contain.

It's also a good idea to take some time to consider the writing style you prefer. Do you want something witty and snarky, something dry and academic, or something in between? Be as specific as possible. If there are specific references you want me to use or avoid, be sure to mention this. If you have a house style guide or prefer a specific style, such as AP or MLA, let me know.

I've written about fashion, health, beauty, politics, the law, psychology, parenting, pets, news, and science. My favorite pieces are those that offer a novel, substantive take on an important issue. My work includes blogging, copywriting, editing, SEO content, magazine and newspaper articles, website content, whitepapers, and professional communications such as newsletters and memos.

I'm not a computer programmer or a mathematician, so I stay far away from these topics. I do not spin or rewrite other people's articles, and I do not edit spun or plagiarized work. I also don't write about anything that I think is unethical or scientifically questionable. If your claims aren't backed up by data or evidence, I likely can't do much with them. I don't write homework or academic papers for students, and if you contact me asking me to violate the integrity of an academic institution, I will gleefully report you to your school or instructor.

Images can play an important role in drawing in viewers, and I frequently incorporate images. However, I only do so in a legal, ethical way, and will not use copyrighted images without the copyright holder';s explicit permission. Check out this blog post for more information on what is and is not copyrighted.

I have a download package with a stock photography house, so unless you need a very specific set of images, I can usually provide you royalty-free images from that site. I may charge extra if you need me to find images, and the client is responsible for the costs of any images downloaded from stock image sites.