About Zawn


What I Do 

I specialize in print and web journalism, search-engine optimized (SEO) web content, blogging, and ghostwriting. Cheap websites and one-off freelance gigs mean that anyone can call themselves a writer. I offer something different: professional, unique content that readers actually enjoy. I specialize in tight deadlines. Many of my clients are stunned by how quickly a professional can complete a lengthy project.

The web is increasingly dominated by amateurish, poorly written content. I know that quality content still matters, and I offer clients content tailored to their target audience and preferred voice. Excellent content can attract more site visitors, enlarge your customer base, and encourage viewers to share links on social media. The best content still has the power to change lives and worlds by providing meaningful insight, investigating compelling social issues, and educating the reader about better ways to live.

I love what I do. More importantly, I understand that writing is more than just a fulfilling career. It’s a way to help my clients and improve the world.

A Few Resume Highlights

I regularly work with all major style manuals, and can quickly discern and adapt to a client’s voice and style. My ghostwritten pieces have appeared in numerous publications, including Psychology Today, Time, The New York Times, Glamour, and many others.

My bylined work spans a wide range of topics and industries, including:

  • Psychology and mental health
  • Health and nutrition
  • Parenting and relationships
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Pets and wildlife
  • Gardening and natural living
  • Politics and the law
  • Technology and science

Earlier in my career, I edited books for a few small publishing companies. Now I mostly limit myself to writing. I still tackle the occasional editing project if the topic interests me.

I’ve published work in local and national periodicals, on small personal websites, educational and NGO sites, and on large popular websites. You can find some representative samples in my portfolio. Some current and former clients include:

Writing has been my career for nearly a decade. In a competitive industry in which writers routinely burn out, can’t find work, this is a virtual lifetime.

How I Got Here

I started my writing career as an eight-year-old journalist authoring her own newspaper. That might seem like an odd start to a writing career, but it’s the first chance I had to hone my craft. More importantly, my experience as a child newspaper editor taught me that talent only comes with lots of practice. I grew my little newspaper into a local favorite, with a circulation of 1,000 paid subscribers. This led to a gig writing a kids’ advice column for a local newspaper. I’ve been a writer in one capacity or another ever since.

This industry is a challenging one, and it’s not easy to build a career as a writer. I had a lot of interesting jobs as I built my writing portfolio. Those experiences continue to inform my work. I’ve been a rape crisis counselor, a nanny, a wildlife rehabilitator, a jewelry designer, and a paralegal.

While writing is my only gig now, I do more than just string words together. I lean on previous experience to offer my clients compelling research, access to experts, and a novel angle on a variety of topics.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Writer

You could outsource your project to someone in a developing nation making $2 an hour. You could pay a struggling college student. But if you’re going to do that, why hire anyone at all? You’ll likely end up correcting grammatical errors, editing poorly written run-on sentences, or chasing down a writer who misses every deadline.

When you hire a professional like me, you’re paying for experience and skill. I reduce your stress by learning as much as I can about your project, then offering you excellent content in a reasonable time frame, for a fair price. You won’t have to hire someone to fix my errors, or find yourself hunting for a replacement writer at the last moment. You won’t have to deal with plagiarism or poor sourcing. Get it right the first time and hire a pro.

How Can I Become a Writer Like You? 

I often get messages from aspiring writers desperate for advice for breaking into the industry. There’s no magic key that will unlock the door to a career as a writer. To become a writer, you have to continually build your skills. That means seeking advice and criticism from more skilled writers. It also means committing to a lifetime of reading. If you don’t read, you can’t be a good writer. Reading helps writers understand what works, and what doesn’t. It sharpens our insights. It inspires us to do better.

I offer lots of tips on writing careers on my blog. I recommend starting here.